Aicok Electric Kettle Stainless Steel Double Wall Cool Touch Cordless Water Kettle

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4.6/5 on January 19, 2017

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Aicok Electric kettle is a stainless steel, double wall kettle having 1.8 quart large capacity. It simplifies your kitchen life and enhances the range of easy-to-use latest appliances in the kitchen, replacing traditional whistle kettles and thermostats.

Being a renowned company in manufacturing small appliances, Aicok offers high quality multiple functions kettle at reasonable prices and its user-friendly features and two-year warranty makes it an appropriate preference for household and office use.

Product Specifications:

The kettle weighs 987g which is comparatively less than other similar kettles Moreover the size isn’t too big either therefore it is portable and convenient to use.

With these specifications, it has also got a capacity of holding up to 1.7 liters of water which is suitable for personal use. Aicok kettle is user-oriented as it is cord free and has supreme quality Britsh Strix control which manages the process of auto shut off when heated beyond the boiling temperature.

It also has a strong heating power of 1500W, significantly higher than the ordinary kettles, which helps in heating the water quickly.

Pros and Cons:

Aicok electric kettle has its entire body made up of highest grade stainless steel appropriate for kitchen utensils. Therefore, the kettle is free from wear and tear and would last longer.

As it cannot get rust, it would remain protected from bacteria and is healthy to use. In addition to this, the double walls keep the water warm for a longer period and keep the outer body cool eliminating hot surfaces and danger of burns ensuring your safety.

Lastly, 1500 watts of power speeds up the heating process. Therefore it saves user’s time and provides best results in minimum time. The main drawbacks associated with Aicok electric kettle are that it is not dishwasher safe and may cause discoloration if not cleaned properly.

Why should you buy it?

Aicok electric kettle is incredibly effective for instant preparation of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soup, and cereals. Its rapid heating provides you with hot water without putting in too much effort and in a very short span of time! Its size and weight makes it handy and convenient for personal use and proves to be highly secure because it switches off automatically when highly heated. It is also cordless which minimizes the risk of electric shock and also saves you from burns and injuries caused by exposure to heat because it has an insulated outer body.

Final Verdict:

Aicok electric kettle provides multiple user-friendly features at a reasonable price, and user’s safety is their number one priority.

It also performs its functions efficiently, and the 2-year warranty ensures that your investment would not be a waste as you can return it in the case of dissatisfaction or malfunctioning.

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