Epica Electric Kettle 1.7 Liter Stay-Cool Double Wall On Amazon

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Epica has been producing outstanding small appliances which are highly productive and graceful. Epica electric kettle would not just mean the magnificence of your kitchen but would also add up an entirely new range of beverages to your list! It offers you a list of unique features and is available at affordable prices with a free of charge replacement.

Product Specifications:

The Epica Electric Kettle heats water accurately up to your required level of temperature so that you can prepare your drink at its best. Utilizing the Settings of temperature you can choose your ideal setting: 16 Chinese teas 195°F for French Espresso 200°F for fruit and herbal teas 212°F for  Pu-erh, red and black teas.

It also has a 30-Minute Button which is called keep warm button and it gives you the opportunity to maintain your selected temperature for up to 30 minutes and has an exceptionally powerful heating system with the consumption of 1500 watts.

The capacity of the kettle allows you to heats up to 7 mugs without a moment’s delay and has a water level gauge to assist you in measuring the water. Moreover, it has a high-standard stainless steel body, cool-touch handle and auto shut off a system for user safety.

Pros and Cons:

Not only is it an incredibly fast cordless kettle, it likewise has variable temperature settings with the goal that you can make every type of tea, whether it is green, Japanese, dark, white tea and coffee. It provides you with perfectly heated water required for each type of tea to bring about it’s best flavor as it has six temperature settings to suit your needs.

It’s huge, 7 cups capacity is extremely helpful and has a keep warm button which maintains the temperature for about 30 minutes. Most importantly, it is designed keeping in mind user’s convenience hence every feature just requires a single touch to be functional!

Epica Electric Kettle has appropriate safety arrangements including the cool-touch handle, boil-dry protection hence proving to be highly secure to be used around children and without the fear of any accidental burns.

By its perfection, no solid criticism has been observed regarding the electric kettle and has been a source of great satisfaction for many.

Why Should I buy it?

This is an awesome choice among the variable temperature kettles, as most of them are double the price and are not even as efficient as this. It has a lovely design, quality, and functionality. Additionally, it has a suitable water capacity and rapid heating system which can boil 1.7 liters of water to 212 F in 8 minutes. Its controls are electronic therefore it is easy to work with, just set the temperature and hit “Start.” It is also extremely safe and gives you the freedom of heating water according to your customized needs.

Final Verdict:

Epica electric kettle is a wonderful kettle to be bought. It is super efficient in its functions and has six temperature settings to be able to match with your needs. Most importantly no complaints have been reported regarding the product hence it is safe to purchase yet the company is confident about its high-quality kettle and offers a two-year warranty.

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