Ovente KG83B BPA Free Glass Cordless Electric Kettle

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4.4/5 on January 19, 2017

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For those who aren’t just concerned about the functionality but are highly sensitive to the physical appearance, Ovente KG83B electric kettle is the one! What distinguishes it from rest of the electric kettles is its borosilicate glass body and the sparkling water that can be seen in the blue LED light which illuminates the water while boiling. It just not excels in its functions but also adds up to the beauty of your kitchen with its attractive design.

Product Specifications:

Ovente KG83B is a gracefully designed electric kettle made up of supreme quality borosilicate glass which illuminates while boiling. It has a maximum capacity of 1.5 liters, and the readings on the kettle make it even more convenient to measure the water.

The electric kettle has a requirement of 1100 watt power and is proved to boil water 85% more efficiently than boiled through traditional ways in a stovetop kettle. Ovente KG83B electric kettle also has a flip-back lid which is helpful in cleaning and filling the kettle. The spout filter is also washable, and both the spout and the entire body is stain resistant and durable hence it ensures that the usage is safe for health and leaves no room for the existence of bacteria.

The electric kettle is successful in meeting the safety standards as it has an automatic shut-off the system when overheated and its boil-dry protection ensures that the kettle is turned off when there is the absence of water. Therefore, it prevents any damage to the kettle and extends its life. Lastly, it has a stay-cool handle making it user-friendly and convenient to handle at home as well as workplaces.

Pros and Cons:

Ovente KG83B electric kettle can prove to be highly beneficial and economical because it is available at a very reasonable price and its electricity usage is minimal because it only consumes 1100 watts for boiling which is lower in comparison to the relative electric kettles. Moreover, it is capable of bubbling water within a few minutes and is super-efficient, being 85% efficient than a stove-top kettle commonly used.

A distinguishing benefit prevailing from this choice is that it has a concealed water heating element which does not allow the formation of any mineral deposits on the inner side of the kettle.

Ovente has overcome this common complaint of electric kettle users and has prepared this exclusive model matching with consumer desires. The cons associated with the electric kettle are regarding the declining performance and poor quality material used; several users have complained about the failure of its automatic shut off.

Why should I buy it?

Ovente has been providing exceptional convenience products which are energy-efficient and artistic. It would not only add up to the beauty of your kitchen but would also decrease your electricity bills as well as performing its key function of providing steaming water for your tea and coffee. Ovente KG83B is designed particularly keeping in mind the user comfort.

Therefore, it has a secure locking lid and a LED light indicating when the power is on and switches off automatically after boiling. The kettle is cord-free and also has special safety arrangements. It has an automatic shut-off feature and is equipped with boil-dry protection. Moreover, it has an insulated exterior. Therefore, the handle always stays cool, making it convenient and secure to pour the water.

Final verdict:

This Ovente model not only provides with boiling water instantly but also gives aesthetic pleasure to the user. It is a smart choice considering the low price and plenty of features coupled with ensuring consumer safety and a 1-year warranty.  

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