Secura WK63-M2 Electric Water Boiler and Warmer On Amazon

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4.7/5 on January 19, 2017

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The Secura WK63-M2 Electric Water Boiler and Warmer offers the ultimate package an electric kettle user could dream of. It isn’t just a highly efficient boiler but also has the exclusive feature of auto clean which automatically scrapes off all the mineral deposits inside the kettle without requiring you to do it manually!

Product Specifications:

This electric water kettle, boiler, and warmer has a maximum limit of holding 4 liters of water and has a Micro-computerized temperature control system which automatically prevents the water temperature from falling below 208 degrees F or 175 degrees F.

The kettle has a commercial grade stainless steel interior and a pleasing visual appearance. Besides this, it also has an auto reboil button and an exclusive feature of the automatic clean cycle.

The electric water boiler likewise has a one-touch water dispenser and a water level gauge to assist the user in measuring the water. It has an additional auto shut off feature for consumer convenience and its blue night light makes it perfect for usage in the dark as well.

Pros and Cons:

Secura WK63-M2 has a unique feature of an auto clean cycle, which cleans up all mineral build-up inside the kettle. This makes the kettle an exclusive model as the most common complaint electric kettle users come up with is regarding the effort required to clean it up.

It also has a 100% stainless steel interior of supreme quality hence the users sensitive to health issues may prefer this model. Moreover, the Micro-computerized temperature control system is highly beneficial because it helps retain the warm temperature of the water and you have the convenience of using it according to your ease without being afraid of the water becoming cold.

Another benefit of preferring Secura WK63-M2 on other kettles is that it focuses on consumer comfort and has a list of features that would simplify boiling water for the users including the re-boil feature, auto shut-off system and a one- touch dispenser. It also has the rare feature of illuminating in the dark, making it convenient to obtain water at night. Lastly it also has a good capacity which enables you to boil water for a lot of servings in a go!

The cons are that the users found out that the boiling water had a chemical taste and for some, it tasted like plastic. Moreover, rust spots also began to appear inside the kettle, and the kettle is probably made of poor quality materials.

Why Should I buy it?

Secura WK63-M2 is predominant than other electric boilers accessible in the market since it has multiple features which are an attraction for the consumers, as it would give them a wonderful experience each time and build their trust in Secura.

It has an auto clean cycle which cannot be found in other kettles, hence killing the hassle of cleaning the kettle manually after every use. Moreover, it acts as a warmer, and the re-boil system is of immense importance too.

Along with this Secura WK63-M2, the electric kettle has a 100% stainless steel interior making it reasonable for office use too. In addition to this it can hold up to 4 liters of water to satisfy the need of boiling water in extensive amount and the night light feature is amazing too. Lastly, Secura WK63-M2 has proper arrangements for consumer safety too, making it an appropriate choice for the users.

Final Verdict:

Secura WK63-M2 is a blend of all appealing features an electric kettle could have along with a huge capacity and rapid-boil system however the complaints received to make it a dubious deal as it could be harmful to health but the 1-year manufacturer warranty could compensate your loss.

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