Zojirushi CD-WBC40 Water Boiler and Warmer On Amazon

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Zojirushi CD-WBC40 brings you the ease of having an hourly timer set for your water to boil automatically! Not just this but it also has a list of various attractive features that would make your life simpler than you can imagine along with adding up to the beauty of your counters.

Product Specifications:

Zojirushi CD-WBC40 has a 4-liter water holding capacity and consumes 700 watts to boil water. It additionally has an LCD and non-stick interior. Zojirushi CD-WBC40 water boiler and warmer has Micro-computerized temperature control and electric dispensing feature. It has four keep warm temperature settings: 140, 175, 195, 208 degrees F.

This kettle shows real water temperature under all circumstances and has a water gauge feature as well. It additionally has a timer for user-convenience which the users can set for 6 – 10 hours and safety features including the auto shut off protection and also has a Steam-save capacity which naturally brings down the power just before boiling to lessen the measure of steam released from the steam vent.

The Cafe’drip dispensing mode in the kettle diminishes the measure of water dispensed to 60% of the ordinary setting, making it appropriate for brewing espresso and also has a re-boil feature which automatically re-boils the water when it reaches 212 degrees F.

Pros and Cons:

The vital benefit of purchasing Zojirushi CD-WBC40 is that it has an hourly timer which provides extreme convenience to the users as they can set the timer and continue with their busy schedules, the boiler itself will boil the water according to the timer set! Along with this it has a simple LCD and has a nonstick interior.

The 4-liter capacity is also very helpful as the hot water can be obtained in a large amount which can be used to prepare tea repeatedly for addicts and when you catch a cold. Additionally, the micro-automated temperature control system is very useful because it holds the warm temperature of the water and you have the facility of utilizing it without worrying about the water getting cool.

Another advantage is that it concentrates on consumer comfort and has a re-boil feature, auto shut-off framework, and a one-touch dispenser. Lastly, it is energy-efficient as it only requires 700 watts to heat the water and has four temperature settings for user simplicity.

The cons associated with the kettle are first that it is costly!  Additionally complaints have been received regarding the appearance of stain spots on the ‘stainless steel’ lid, and the consumers seem unsatisfied with its production in China and low-quality materials used.

Why should I buy it?

Zojirushi CD-WBC40   offers limitless features and has been designed specifically for user convenience having an LCD, nonstick interior, and hourly timer. It also has a visually pleasing appearance and is energy efficient. Along with this, it has a huge capacity which would add up to consumer ease and the auto shut off system also proves it to be secure for usage.

Final Verdict:

Zojirushi CD-WBC40 Water Boiler and Warmer is a product of a highly reputable company and has multiple features that would make your life easy. However, the price charged is significantly high. Therefore you must reconsider your decision before making this huge investment.

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